Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Linda Davis...

So I was minding my own, going through my mail and postings, friend requests, gig updates, blah blah...and while I was on MySpace, I saw that I had a new friend request from Linda Davis. For you that don't know who Linda Davis is, she has two (now) claims to fame. Her first claim is her duet with Reba back in 1993 called "Does He Love You" that topped the charts and was heard everywhere. She was Reba's background vocalist forever and when she did the duet with her, Linda became a solo artist and started recording songs for a label. Her second claim to fame is her daughter, Hillary Scott, is the female vocalist in Lady Antebellum, who is kicking booty now in the country music realm. Anyways, when I got the friend request from her, I was happy but then she sent a little message along with it saying that she read my bio and that she realized that I was from Shreveport (born there) and she was from Carthage, TX, which I figure is about 30 minutes away from Shreveport, taking the interstate. I knew that already because she used to sing at Johnny High's Opry in Arlington back in the day and they used that as part of their ploy to sell the place to young up-and-comers, but the cool thing about her message is that she actually took time to read my bio after hearing something she liked (hopefully...) That made my week and probably the rest of the year if nothing else exciting happens. But, that was very cool and I will take it. That is my Linda Davis story. Everyone have a great week!

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