Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!

After working my tail off for the past little bit and feeling like the Ringleader in a 3-ring circus, I am enjoying myself today by doing nothing. Well, I am writing this blog but other than that...Nothing!! I do have to report on how much fun I had at the 3rd and Lindsley show last week and how great it sounded. There was a point where I almost quit singing just to listen to the band behind me. The music was loud and the audience was really getting into it. Patting their legs, tapping their toes, playing air guitar... All good signs that you are really reaching the audience. No one was sleeping or even yawning. Also, last week, I played a place called the "Rusty Nail" in Hermitage, right down from Andrew Jackson's old stomping ground. The guy running sound also played bass for a girl named Sunny Sweeney, who happens to be from Texas and REALLY country. I talked with this fellow for a while and found out that he knows almost all the people I knew back in the Austin days. Small world. Made me miss home even more...Good to know though that home will be there when I am done here. For now, keep your eye on the prize and faith in the skies...There is a song in that somewhere...

Have a great holiday!


p.s. here is the poster for the show last week...Looks good, dontcha think?

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